If you've ever watched Ellen, you’re probably familiar with the game ‘Heads Up’ that she came up with! It’s a great party game, and it’s free!  I’ve played a few times… maybe you have too.

It occurred to me, that we should get all the DJs from TRI-102.5 together to play!

The Challenge:  Paul & Susan vs.Drew & Dave in ‘Heads Up.’  Four rounds — the team with the most points after those rounds would be crowned “The TRI-102.5 Heads Up Champion!” We gathered in the studio, and the contest….. began!

This was a GREAT team building exercise. It’s not often that all of us get together since we all have different shifts; getting together to have some fun, really went a long way! *Even if Paul & Susan cheated - (Frog TWICE! I kid...).  I look forward to our rematch!