Why does tearing down a building always draw a crowd?  Because we see buildings going up all the time, and it's so neat to watch one come down every so often!

And that's exactly what started happening yesterday in downtown Loveland.  The 50-year-old building at 541 N. Lincoln Ave. that once housed the very first Home State Bank was demolished, and bank president Harry Devereaux was excited to stand in the crowd and watch it come down.

"This is actually kind of a happy day for me," (Devereaux) said as he stood just inside the construction fence. "This is an investment in downtown Loveland This is a good thing."

Home State sold the former bank property to the city of Loveland in 2007 for a possible museum expansion. Last month, the city sold it to Fort Collins-based Brinkman Partners, which will build a five-story, 70-unit upscale apartment building on the lot once the old structure is cleared away.

Here's a video of the demolition.  Enjoy!