I don't have any children, but If I had a daughter I'm sure I would instill her with 'Girl Power' in any way that a father can.

I saw the 'lyric' video for Sara Bareilles' new song 'Brave' today, and thought it would be one of the things I would show her [a daughter that I don't have] to instill 'Girl Power'

Maybe you think the same-  come inside and take a look!


Lots of times these days, artists and their record labels release a new song but don't have an 'official' video for it; what the DO have is a 'lyric' video- where they flash the lyrics to the song over video footage that does not feature the artist.  That's what Sara Bareilles and her label have done for the first single off of her upcoming "The Blessed Unrest" album coming out in July.  '

Brave' is the name of the song- which talks about being brave enough to say what you feel.  In the lyric video- the song gives off 'Girl Power' imagery as a group of girls have fun making music, singing the song, and just having fun!

 Take a look--