There is a great photo opportunity for those driving between Cheyenne and Laramie on I-80. It is a town sign which reads Buford, Wyoming, Population 1. The “Nation’s Smallest Town” is now more than just a great photo opportunity, it’s an opportunity to own your own town. Buford is for sale. 

The sole resident of Buford has called himself its owner, and mayor, since 1992. But now, for a relative bargain, you could take that title away from him. Don Sammons is putting his property, and hence entire town, up for auction at the starting price of $100,000. The deal includes a U.S. zip code, a historic school building, a three-bedroom home and the town’s only source of revenue, a gas station and convenience store called the Buford Trading Post.

The town wasn’t always so tiny. It was once home to a booming population of about 2,000, attracting guests like the honorable President Ulysses S. Grant, and the not-so-honorable Butch Cassidy, the bandit immortalized on the big screen by Paul Newman.

That the asking price for Buford may be surprising, even when taking into account that its 8,000 foot elevation can make for some seriously inclement weather. Still, a prospective buyer could potentially purchase the entire 10 plus acre town for a little more than the average price of a new home in 2010 at $272,900.

But if you’ve got some extra cash to splash, why not buy a personal island? Red Rock Island in San Francisco bay, rumored to be the home of buried pirate treasure, was recently put on the market for $9 million.

If you are interested in buying Buford you can contact Don directly at