Sara Bareilles is all about real love.

By listening to her lyrics, one could surmise that she isn't going to be putting up with any nonsense from knuckleheaded dudes (really, who died and made you king of anything?). While she's filtering out the bad, when it's good, she wants to help it bloom.

And, to support her new single I Choose (above), she may help support your upcoming engagement. If you are planning on popping the question soon, make sure you get in touch with her and her team, because, while she isn't revealing specifics, it sounds like she may be looking to be directly involved in something that could make your proposal go viral.

While I'm sure your idea is a great one, it could only get better if you enlisted the help of a huge star and all around awesome powerhouse sister, Sara Bareilles, right?

Yes. I'm right. If you think otherwise, let us do the thinking for you. Be in touch with them.