The Mason Street corridor in Fort Collins will be undergoing some major changes soon.  (It will become a two-way street, and there will be a new south Transit Center.) The City of Fort Collins wants your opinion on what the MAXBus Rapid Transit Stations will look like.

Tomorrow will be the final public open house display of the art and you can check it out at the Foothills Mall. You can also see the proposed bus stops via the links below.

The City of Fort Collins posted this on their Facebook timeline today:

Have you seen the proposed art for the MAX Bus Rapid Transitstations? Our last public open house is tomorrow, Saturday, March 24, 1-4 p.m., in the Foothills Mall. The weather is going to be nice, but come inside for a few minutes and tell us what you think! For more info, or to view the online gallery visit

Some of the designs look really nice. I think the Mountain stop looks the best, but that might be because I am a sucker for guitars. You’ll be seeing these stations every time you drive down Mason in the near future, so go give the city your opinion.

You can also check out a video about the project below.