At Poudre Valley Foot and Ankle Centers they take care of all foot and ankle problems. Whether you have heel pain, foot problems like bunions or hammertoes, nerve-related conditions like neuropathy or an injury like a sprained ankle or broken bone.  Make your feet happy!

Treatments they perform include surgery, which often can be done at our outpatient Foot Surgery Center of Northern Colorado, and less-invasive options, depending on your condition. If it’s cracked and yellowed toenails that have you concerned and embarrassed to wear sandals or go barefoot, their Laser Nail Center, located at Poudre Valley Foot and Ankle, offers laser treatment for toenail fungus that’s fast, safe, and affordable.

They’re located on Riverside in Fort Collins near Poudre Valley Hospital, plus they have a clinic and Laser Nail Center in Cheyenne as well.

  • Motto: “We’ll make your feet happy!”
  • Why They’re Unique: Foot and ankle pain, neuropathy diabetes and foot care and toenail fungus.
  • .They Can Answer Questions Relating to:  Foot and ankle pain,  neuropathy,  diabetes & foot care and toenail fungus.

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Visit them:  1355 Riverside Avenue Fort Collins CO 80524 (Map)

Call them: 888-927-3864

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