Jess and Louise Taylor opened Jess’ Sandwich Shop May 17, 1937. Jess had found a empty filling station building on the corner of 25th Street and 8th Avenue. It was big enough for a kitchen and four stools. They had no water in the building. There was a well and pump handle in the front of the lot. My dad, Jess, did not want to use that water so they carried buckets of water from the Cabin Court across the street. Business was very slow. My mother would cry and say they would have a hard time paying the electric bill of $1.79 (a month), but they stuck to it, doing the work themselves. The next year they had enough business to be able to hire a little help. But the next year they were able to make the building bigger. The next year they added more to the building, adding fifteen booths.

The opening of 1942, the war was going full blast. We were not able to get meat or sugar so we closed for that year. Dad welded on ships in Alaska. We opened in 1944 again using everyone’s ration tickets for meat and sugar. We were able to open at 4 p.m. and be open for the supper rush.

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