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How does your sunscreen measure up?

It is so important to make sure that you wear sunscreen every day, but with summer approaching we thought we would do some refreshers on what you should make sure your sunscreen has! When looking for a sunscreen most people look simply at the SPF or the sun protection factor most sunscreens range between 2 and 50. Theoretically what that number means is its ability to block out the sun’s harmful rays, and how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. This is especially important living in Colorado because we are closer to the sun. For example, if you were to use an SPF 15 you would be able to stay out in the sun 15x longer then you normally would without sunscreen on. The higher the SPF the more rays it will block out.

Plastic surgeons should constantly be supporting their patients. Dr. Schutte explains in the video below how he and his staff strive to offer their patients a level of comfort and support that cannot be found anywhere else.

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