Business Marketers works hard to manage the sale of businesses. They help their clients navigate and overcome the various difficulties involved in the sale of a business. They work with your trusted advisers and professionals to successfully complete the sale of your company in a timely and tax efficient manner. They will assist you with marketing a company in a confidential manner, screening potential buyers, negotiating the transaction, securing funding, preparing documents for a successful closing, finalizing the transaction and more.

  • Led by: John Smith
  • Founded: 25 years ago
  • Why They’re Unique: They have more than 25 years of experience in their field to help you navigate the sale process.
  • They Can Answer Questions Relating to: understanding the value of your business, beginning the buying and selling process, the financial steps you should take, sale negotiation, sale closing and more.

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Call them: 970-226-2000
Email them: john@bmarketers.com
Visit their website: www.bmarketers.com