So, apparently my bacon infatuation continues. Over the weekend not only did I have bacon, but I had crispy pork belly-yummy!

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I could eat bacon wrapped water chestnuts all day long and never get tired of them, but making them can be tedious. So this recipe gives us the best of both worlds. Let's get cooking!

what you'll need:

A bunch of fresh spinach washed and dried. A pound of bacon, a can of sliced water chestnuts (from the Asian aisle) drained

Putting it all together:

Cut the bacon into 1" strips and add to hot skillet, cook till crispy and without draining the fat add the chestnuts, cook for 2 minutes and pour over your washed and dried spinach. Toss lightly and serve.

****you can top with your favorite bread crumbs or crumbled cheese. Some even like to add sliced strawberries, if you do, put them in the pan you cooked the bacon in and toss around a bit then add to spinach.