Remember a couple months back when the news broke about Taverna Greek Grill closing their doors in Fort Collins? Well, it looks like there could be an ugly legal battle in the works. Apparently the restaurant's owners are being suing by the  U.S. Department of Labor for some pretty nasty violations.

Taverna Greek Grill was located at the corner of College and West Troutman Parkway in Fort Collins.

The Coloradoan is reporting that

The complaint filed Feb. 7 by the Dept. of Labor, the restaurant’s majority owner Ryan Field and part owner Ryan Rezinas failed to pay some of their staff federal minimum wage as well as overtime compensation from March 2011 to August 2012, if not longer.

The complaint specified that certain employees’ hours were shorted, their time cards were altered and they were not compensated for some events and training.

Wow, altering time cards and not paying employees? Those are some serious allegations. This could turn into a pretty ugly court battle very quickly. Hopefully things get sorted out soon.

I felt bad that all of those employees were abruptly put out of work, but now I feel even worse for them if this is all true.

για την ντροπή ("For shame" in Greek,)