I never thought I'd see the day when statistics about happiness were gathered from a social networking Web site, but I guess I should have expected it!

Researchers from the University of Vermont analyzed 10 million tweets from across the country — posts sent via Twitter — to conclude that Napa, Calif. was the happiest place in the country. The analysis looked for the frequency of “happy” words like rainbow, and for “unhappy” words like earthquake. On the state level, Hawaii was the happiest, while Louisiana was the saddest.

(I'm sure I'd be really happy too if I lived in Hawaii!)

The research puts Fort Collins at #13 on the list of happiest cities in the entire country.  Longmont came in 2nd, Lafayette 9th, and Boulder 12th.

While it's good to see it in black and white, this just confirms what we Coloradans already know.  Colorado is an amazing place to live!