I have quickly become a Mom of 3. I have 3 month old twin boys and a 3 year old daughter. The twins, I tell ya, WOW! It never crossed my mind what exactly having twins meant. Two of everything, the good, the bad and the extremely tired.


Today they turn 3 months old and this has been the longest most blurry 3 months of my life, as I'm sure this entire first year will end up being. The sleepless nights I anticipated are double. I pray for morning to hurry. It takes both my husband and I. No break for either of us because...there are TWO! There is so much crying in our small house and it just has to happen. You can only soothe one baby at a time. It's pure insanity, but it's also really neat. The video below makes me feel joy, they were WOMBmates and it will be neat to see what that means for them. They are so different in personality and in size, however they are technically identical. These are naturally conceived, never in a million years expected twins.

"Crying Twins" Kama/TSM








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