While that title is self explanatory, let me tell you why I chose this topic today. When I got up this morning, for work, actually it was I never really got to sleep.

The first thing on my mind was the news that was with me all day yesterday. I lost a friend. Kim was only 49, and taken way too soon.

It's easy when we're rushing around in our lives, to not take the time to show the genuine appreciation we feel for the people in our lives.

Kim had two children,16 year old Alec and 17 year old Courtney. I can't imagine the grief they are feeling with the loss of their mother. I know, I'm experiencing my own at this time.

I didn't know Kim very long, less than a year, but she and I developed a bond and could talk about anything and everything, and did often. It was a long distance relationship. But we had a kinship through shared trials and interests.

My friend Brian is today asking that we all join his kindness brigade, making at least three kind actions to improve someone Else's experience in their daily lives. That sentiment made me realize that's what Kim gave me unselfishly, by listening to my ramblings. Kindness.

I hope I gave her the same in our brief friendship.

Appreciate those in your life. Live , laugh, love and sing loudly!