Hotel Impossible is a great show in the 'fix your business' category. I love these types of shows, and am a fan of Restaurant Impossible, Bar Rescue, and the Profit. It's fun to watch these experts go to work.

It's even more fun to see them help places I've been, or restaurants I've eaten in. They did it with one of my old favorite's in the 'Burgh, Del's, where I've always loved to eat wedding soup.

Recently, the Travel Channel sent their hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri to Grand Lake to help with a hotel there that wasn't matching the world class caliber of the mountains that surround it.

The show features the overall improvement of the hotel through a complete overhaul of pretty much everything.

It also features something even cooler--a widely traveled expert and host like Anthony Melchiorri losing his mind over our beautiful area. He hooted, hollered, gaped and said things like "This is insane!"

You can see how much he likes it in this video outtake that they shot while snowmobiling through Rocky Mountain National Park.

Watch clips from the episode here.

What a great reminder it was to stop in Grand Lake again this summer. It is a very charming Colorado mountain town.