How would you like to wake up from major organ transplant surgery, only to be told the organ your body needed got thrown out with the trash?  Yes, this actually happened.  Read on!

A man in Toledo, Ohio decided to donate a kidney to his older sister.  The surgery was going according to plan, as the kidney had successfully been removed from the man.  But when the time came to put the kidney into his sister, it was nowhere to be found!  Turns out, a nurse had accidentally thrown the kidney away with some other medical waste.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold, chancellor and vice president for biosciences and health affairs at UTMC, the former Medical College of Ohio, told The Blade on Wednesday that normally the kidney would have been implanted within an hour after being removed from the donor. Doctors tried unsuccessfully for at least two hours or more to "resuscitate" the organ, in an attempt to make it usable, Dr. Gold said without elaborating on how it was damaged.

"In the process of transferring a kidney from a donor, a human error rendered the kidney unusable," Dr. Gold said Wednesday. "Efforts were made to restore the kidney to a usable state, however, the physician in consultation with the family decided to not take the risk knowing there was a good chance for another highly compatible donor."

How would you like to be the person in charge of telling the patient that you lost their kidney?  How embarrassing!  Luckily, the doctors said there's a good chance of finding another compatible donor, so at least the patient isn't completely out of luck.

[via Toledo Blade.]