Imagine a serene, babbling brook running through the forest, tumbling over logs and around rocks. Along comes a leaf, gently dancing on the water's surface, following wherever the water takes it. Ok, peaceful moment over. That leaf is you and I, and the water is the path of least resistance.

In our lives, the water in the brook comes in all kinds of forms; genetics, environment, hurdles and obstacles, other people - the list could go on forever. The stream (aka path of least resistance) carries us wherever it wants to go. How could I, the tiny little leaf, do anything to resist the great power of the stream or path that guides me?

Of course, the other option is to decide not to be a leaf in the water, a victim of all the circumstances that surround us, and to kick and paddle a little, creating our own direction. Kicking and paddling is hard work, but is necessary if you want to have some say in your future, in your life. It's not supposed to be easy. Easy is for leaves. Don't be a leaf.

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