Actually, we are going to bookend this list of powerful Patrick Swayze movies with one from the 70's and one from the 90's because they were just so fabulous!

Okay, let's get this thing underway with his first movie, and one of the last dying breaths of disco....

Skatetown U.S.A.

I have to admit, I clicked on this one to see if Patrick Swayze was in a skateboard movie. No such luck.

The Outsiders

I return to this favorite. It had so many stars, and Patrick Swayze wore really tight shirts. The movie is dark, and still an all time classic.


Enter Rob Lowe. Time for a cuteness contest! And the winner, the viewers! Especially if you like hockey, which, of course, we do, right?

Dirty Dancing

Nobody, he means NOBODY, puts baby in the corner. Got it? Three stars for the soundtrack as well.


Okay, so it came out in 1990. A technicality. I wanted to include this one because this was a Patrick Swayze movie that treated the man like an actor. In all the other ones, he's like a trained piece of meat beauhunk. In Skate Town, he's skating. In the Outsiders, he's fighting. In Youngblood, he's playing hockey. In Dirty Dancing, he's, well, dancing. In Ghost, it's just his acting chops. Unless you include the love scene. There's more than a little athleticism in that tango. Rawr.