Care for a trip down memory lane? Well, if you grew up in the 80's (like me), and spent so much time playing video games that your parents would use threats of taking away your favorite console as leverage, then you have to watch the video below.

When I hear older people complaining about how kids don't play real sports anymore, instead opting for the digital arena, at first, I agree with them. Then I remember my post-pubescent video game cave. It was dark. It was smelly. I rarely emerged from it. I'm surprised that I spend as much time outside as I do, because for a while there, I forgot the sun existed. And look at me now! I'm living proof that things can turn out ok for a video game obsessed adolescent.

When I saw this video, I had to post it. Not only does it detail some of my favorite games, it taught me things about the design and designers that I never knew. How cool!