To the curmudgeons who say Greeley isn't known for anything but the smell: think again!

Tonight (Feb. 11), the White House is hosting a state dinner for French President Francois Hollande.  The main course, according to ABC News, is from good ol' Greeley!

The main course, dry-aged rib eye beef from a farm in Greeley, Colo., will be served with blue cheese, charred shallots, oyster mushrooms and braised chard.

[via ABC News.]

That's right: Greeley beef is being served to the President of France.  America is putting its best foot forward, and Greeley is the steel toe on the boot!

ABC news reports American caviar and produce from the First Lady's garden will complete the upscale meal.

Way to go, Greeley!  You've done America (and all of us) proud!