The bicycle is legend in Fort Collins. So much so that tomorrow, with a temperature that will be wont to see 25 degrees, hundreds, possibly thousands of people will still self propel to work. They'll pedal in gloves, scarves, balaclavas. You'll be able to tell the hardcore folks because their gear will fit like bicycle clothes are supposed to--nice and tight. Others, in bulkier clothes, are the ones who are making the effort in honor of Winter Bike to Work Day.

Sadly, I have not ridden my road bike to work since I started handling the morning show. It was a gem of a 16 mile commute from Fort Collins to Windsor that I used to really enjoy, but no longer. It's a heartbreaker, and I've known Coloradoans (Matt Chester) that have ridden through the middle of the night, cars be damned, and braved freezing temperatures, slushy, icy roads on their bikes, all for the love of sprockets, gears, chains, two tires and a human engine. What can I say. I am just not that hardcore. When it comes to a commute on a bike that would start at 3:30am, I am out. I have no excuses, and I'm sure I could do it with enough properly directed thought, but I have yet to find the source of power that makes we want to do it enough.

Fortunately, most of you will be en route to work much later than that, when the sun starts to peak out. For a coimplete list of places to warm your body with breakfast and coffee, click here.