I have been pulling for Tiger since his meltdown. His rise to the very peak of the sports world was fascinating to watch. His fall, maybe even more magnetic. The bigger they are...

While I have no idea where he is with any of the things that he apologized for after his problems with his last wife, I do have to admit that from a bystanders point of view, I didn't love the look of him with Lindsey Vonn. A skier like her has such a pure image, and it might have been a risk to attach herself to someone like Tiger because of his past. Now it seems that even his present could make for bad press.

Following their red carpet debut at the 2013 Met Gala, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn went to the afterparty ... where Woods apparently partied a little too hard.

Us Weekly reports Woods "looked uncomfortable," so he tossed a few back to make the pain go away.

He and Vonn sat drinking, giggling and canoodling for a bit, and once the booze kicked in, Woods decided to do what all of our embarrassing aunts do at weddings after one too many: Dance. Awkwardly.

Around 2 a.m. when the party wrapped up, Tiger had imbibed enough to imitate a Medic-Alert commercial, falling on his face and not getting up.

Vonn found him sprawled out by a small staircase and had to help him to his feet. Woods reportedly "swayed" as they moved, which probably would have come in handy when he was trying to dance -- because those moves were described as "bopping back and forth."

We just wish they'd post some of those photos to Facebook.