Sometimes, I'll be chatting with friends and make a reference to a movie that I love. Most of the time, my friends know which movie I'm talking about. But sometimes, they look at me with the puzzled stare that tells me they have no idea what movie I'm referring to. I was browsing my DVD collection last night, and I came across a few such films that I feel more people should see. So here they are!

  • %22Mirrormask%22


    I don't remember how I heard of this movie; but I think I probably rented it on a whim, then loved it so much I bought it. Basically, it's what the product of what the Jim Henson company can do with CG special effects instead of puppets "Mirrormask" has an incredible art style, and special effects that still hold up pretty well several years later. Some people say the story is weak, but I really like it.

  • %22Equilibrium%22


    A high school friend of mine recommended this one to me back in 2004. Again, I rented it, then had to buy it. This is one of Christian Bale's early movies, about a totalitarian future where human emotion has been abolished. It's a unique concept, featuring things that I haven't seen in any movie before or since this one. If you like the occasional sci-fi movie, this one is a hidden gem!

  • %22Thank You for Smoking%22


    I could have sworn this movie had a big theatrical run; but every time I bring it up to people, they've never heard of it. This is the only one on the list that I saw in the theater, and then somebody gave me the DVD as a gift. Aaron Eckhart stars in this subtle comedy as a lobbyist for big tobacco. This movie is funny, well-cast, and just well put-together overall. Definitely a must-see for fans of smarter jokes. (Fun Fact: Not a single cigarette is smoked in this entire movie!)