My fiance and I are getting married in four months, so we decided to start looking at houses.  We've been to one showing, and looked at a lot of listings online; and I was starting to get a little discouraged by how expensive everything is.  Then I got to work today and found this list of housing costs in other cities, and I suddenly didn't feel so bad. has put together a list of the cities with the most expensive housing costs, factoring in the mortgage rate, insurance cost, and principle & interest.  The results actually kind of surprised me.  Here are the top ten:

  1. San Francisco - $2,497.68
  2. New York - $2,068.96
  3. Boston - $1,833.73
  4. San Diego - $1,746.21
  5. Washington, D.C. - $1,735.45
  6. Seattle - $1,726.50
  7. Los Angeles - $1,474.75
  8. Baltimore - $1,276.98
  9. Philadelphia - $1,183.43
  10. Chicago - $1,172.46

San Francisco is more expensive than New York City?  Believe it!

So where does Denver place on the list?  It's actually number 11, right behind Chicago, with a cost of $1160.94 per month.

So do you think the cost of housing here in Northern Colorado is getting to expensive?  What things do you wish were cheaper?  Leave your comments below.