NBC has done it. Just when I thought that no tweak or innovation in the world of singing competitions on television could grab my attention, they debut the Voice. The show's judging format is very exciting to watch.

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A singer comes out onto the stage and the 4 celebrity judges have their back to the performer. If they like what they hear, they hit the plunger on their wonderfully automated for TV judges seat, and the seat dramatically spins around with a highlighted 'I WANT YOU' on the bottom. If 2 or more judges like the singers, then it's really exciting because then the performer has to choose which celebrity coach they want to work with.

After the first round, competitions between the four teams will begin. So right now the judges are building their stables. Pretty much all my money is on Adam Levine. He is aggressive and assertive and has thus far garnered some of the most talented singers, plus the best looking girl, which I don't think will hurt him in this near future.

I missed the debut episode, but I was sitting in my comfy living room chair for the opening of the second night....and this is how they kicked it off.

So, what did you think? Does this show have anything that resembles the interest that was generated by American Idol?