It's the biggest wedding the world has seen since Charles and Diana.

So, I'm excited, and if you are wondering 'What's the big deal?' Well, here's the big deal. This the why marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton is VERY, VERY exciting.

The Royal Bride

Come on, now. It's all about Kate! As soon as boys were born to Diana, the world began waiting with baited lips to see who the two young men (Prince William and Prince Harold) would choose to join the Royal Family. They get to pick someone that was a 'commoner' and turn them into a 'Royal'. They bestow upon this lucky Princess a life of lavish indulgence, the chance to be Queen, even immortality. The biggest question in a Princes' wedding is ''Who did he pick?' The second biggest question is "What does she look like?" I'm not saying it's right, but I am saying it's true. Also, young British Princes are cute. Old British Princes? You be the judge. One thing is for sure. Diana was beautiful, and Kate will be beautiful as well.

This Family Has Made The Headlines

Yeah. I've seen a bit of coverage. Even without trying, I know quite a bit about the Royal Family. It's all snippets and pieces, but still, the accumulating effect has been to make me think, 'Little William, all grown up and marrying a beautiful British girl'. It's like they've gotten me by attrition. It's been around my whole life. I may as well pay attention to the wedding.

We Share History With Great Britain

When our founding fathers told King George III to suck it, it was one of the finest moments in human history. But it wasn't that long ago that this land we love was mostly called 'New England'. We're moving along in years so nobody's great grandparents from the actual time are still here to keep the connection alive, but in a way, it is always there. America, west of the Mississippi, in recent history, was a part of Britain.

What Do You Think?

Enjoy the photo gallery of William and Kate, and please let us know your thoughts. Do you care about the Royal Wedding?