As I am writing this, I still feel the effects of eating that much pizza. Ugh. But man was it worth it. I now know that Beano and I can't eat 30" of pizza. That is a good knowledge to have! In this episode of "Can We Do It?" we headed over to Pizza Casbah to take on their pizza challenge. Why did we do it? Well, to prepare for the La-Z-Boy Great Colorado Pie Fight of course! Where we will find out who has the best pizza in Northern Colorado and where, for some reason, we will be doing another pizza eating contest! Click here to see us smack talking our sister stations!

Pizza Casbah is one of the many great pizza places participating in the Pie Fight and we wanted to see what they had to offer. We saw their 30" pizza challenge where two people have to eat a 30" pizza, with 5 toppings, in an hour and we thought we could do it foolishly.

The "Can We Do It" Series is where Beano and I, for some reason, try and attempt random things that may be stupid, world record, foolish, something along those lines. So far... not so good.