When you drive by the intersection of Harmony and Timberline in Fort Collins your eyes are drawn to the decrepit, pink farmhouse on the northwest corner. It has been vacant since 2005 and become more of an eyesore every year.

Good news! The Coloradoan is reporting that it will be gone and a new building in it's place by December of 2014.

Local businessman Steve Allen said he has a contact to buy the quarter-acre site and expects to close on the property within a couple of weeks. The contract is contingent on the removal of the dilapidated house and garage.

The new building Allen has planned will be a two-story office building, partially occupied by his own Geico office and the rest being leased out. If all his plans clear the city the new building will be completed by December of 2014.

I remember that building best from year's back when the late 'Psychic Kay' housed her business there. (If you were around Fort Collins you totally remember her billboards.) It wasn't a very pretty building to begin with, but ever since she moved out it just kind of decomposed over the last decade-and-a-half.

I, for one, will be glad to see something a little nicer on the corner of one of our city's busiest intersections.