I'm not saying that MTV's video music awards are quality family entertainment.

With Nicki Minaj's butt, condom commercials during every break, and the overall party atmosphere we've come to expect from the annual awards show, it's not going to get any ringing endorsements from many 'family values' based entities.

However, I did appreciate the anti-smoking spots that played during the broadcast last night.

Honestly, the reason I smoked for as long as I did is because I started as young as I did. By the time my brain started to work properly (in my late 20's) and I realized "Hey, maybe I shouldn't be paying this tobacco company to kill me", I was really addicted, and quitting took me years! I wanted to quit for 10 years before I actually succeeded.

Looking into the Youtube channel of truthorange, they have posted quite a few of these videos that feature the hashtag #Finishit. Good stuff, like this one, making celebs who are photographed smoking seem like they are helping big tobacco.

Or this one, urging folks to stop posting smoking selfies.