Come on! This is GREAT!

A panel of little kids dressed in their costumes for Halloween, all ready for some Halloween candy - get duped by an adult, all in the name of toothpaste!

Have you see the "Halloween Treats Gone Wrong" commercial yet?

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I saw this ad and just busted out laughing! Why is it funny when people get conned? And kids to boot?  You have to assume, the parents see an ad about having their kids in a commercial- and they bring in their kids.  The producers whittle down the applicants to the select few, then tell the parents the scam. 'We're going to give them candy- weird candy- and see what they do. Is that cool?'  "Great! Say the parents.  Then the following ensues!--

Tofu GhostmallowsArtichoke Buttercups! "I threw up". Hilarious!  I LOVE IT!

Treats Gone Wrong: What Do YOU Think?