I rode up on this one at country road speed, and almost panicked. I don't know how deep they are, but they are wide, scattered, and really scared me.

Here is the map that shows the actual location of the stretch of potholes.


It's more of a group of potholes that are all together and seem like they will devour a vehicles tires.

I felt like I had to make a choice of whether to cross the double yellow line or risk using an unstable shoulder. I'm sure the recent late snows didn't help.

To report potholes to the City of Fort Collins:

625 Ninth Street | Fort Collins, CO 80524
Mailing Address: PO Box 580 | Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580
Phone: 970-221-6615
Fax: 970-221-6270

To report potholes to Larimer County:

Larimer County Road and Bridge –  970 498 5650

After a few calls, I learned that these are in the jurisdiction of Larimer County. So, I left them a message, and a person from Larimer County called me, clarified and let me know it would be taken care of.