This is part of a series that discusses a western road trip that can blow your recreation mind, in winter or summer. Because I'm a big snowhead, I'll refer to the ski resorts a lot, but these areas have world class recreation in most categories and seasons.

From Eagle County to the lower lying Colorado/Utah high desert, it's an easy drive.

The highway is wide, fast and there aren't many people on it. You're pretty far from any major metro area, and it feels that way. We stopped in Glenwood Springs for wings, and I kind of wished we were staying there.

That's what makes this road trip idea such a great one. You can barely tweak your trip, and make it look completely different from mine, yet it will still be filled with world class recreation, great weather (hopefully) and amazing memories.

Instead of skiing Beaver Creek, you could fish the Colorado River. Or raft on it. Or go nordic skiing in Vail. Or keep going to Palisade and stop at the wineries. Then, another 2 1/2 hours in the car to the next stop.

We went straight from Avon, CO to Moab, UT.

And once again, if you aren't into mountain biking, in Moab there are a million possibilities. Rent a quad, motorbike, or hire a guide company to take you out in a mega jeep, or do something on the Colorado River.