Driving electric cars can not only help the environment, it can save a lot of money.

There are the obvious fuel savings that anyone who owns an electric car will enjoy. Drivers of the Chevy Volt have said they enjoy up to 250 miles per gallon. The Nissan Leaf doesn't use gas at all, so there is no fueling up with that option.

Along with the gas savings, come major tax rebates. According to Drive Electric Northern Colorado, here is a small snapshot of the beginning of the savings because of tax rebates and incentives.

 The Leaf costs $28,800 and the Versa $16,890, a $12,000 increment.  However, once the federal ($7,500) and State of Colorado ($4,500) tax credits are applied, the vehicles cost effectively the same price out of the showroom, meaning that annual fuel cost savings estimated at nearly $900 for drivers traveling an average 12,000 miles are exactly that—savings.