Whitney Houston

Aretha Franklin Will Perform at Whitney Houston’s Funeral
Aretha Franklin will be performing at Whitney Houston‘s invite-only funeral service on Feb. 18, Entertainment Tonight is reporting. Record label executive Clive Davis, who helped guide the careers of both singers as the president of Arista Records for a quarter-century, personally requested to hav…
Whitney Confidant With a Few Thoughts! [INTERVIEW]
You know I was such a fan of Whitney Houston I wore out albums of hers and had to re-buy them. Her talent was un-equaled and if you see the likes of those who idolized her voice and demeanor you can understand why. Mariah, Celine, Christina and countless more.
Watch Whitney Houston’s Last Interview Before Death
In her last interview before her shocking death, Whitney Houston expressed her joy at starring in and executive producing a remake of 1976′s ‘Sparkle.’ Houston was calm, collected and content alongside costar Jordin Sparks. There’s a visible warmth between them that’s m…
Michael Stone Remembers Whitney Houston [VIDEO] [POLL]
Do you remember where you were when you first heard the soaring but tender vocals of Whitney Houston ?
I do.
I was programming and doing a morning show, with my then wife Barb, at a radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sunny 106. It was your atypical Adult Contemporary (soft hits) radio station in th…
Whitney Houston Dies at 48
Multiple reports that singer Whitney Houston has died Saturday. From the 1980's to 90's Whitney Houston was one the most powerful performers in music and starred in hit movies like "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale." She was 48.