First Colorado Town Gets Citywide Internet
While there have been rumors of this coming to Fort Collins for quite some time, Longmont went ahead and said, "Let's Do This."  (But not necessarily in a 'Home Depot' sort of way.)
The City of Longmont has been laying the fiber-optic line for this project since …
‘Koalaing’ Could Be the Cutest Web Photo Trend Yet
Forget (if you haven't already) milking, planking, hadokening, any of those-ings that were internet fads for a hot minute. They've been replaced. They're done. Koalaing -- that's the trick o' the day. It involved clinging as tightly to a pole or tree as possible like a koala…
Social Network Users More Likely to Volunteer?
Do you volunteer? Chances are very likely you have joined a volunteer group if you're reading my post. A new study says people that use the internet, especially folks that use Facebook and Twitter are more likely to volunteer?