10 Must Have Apps When Living in Fort Collins
If you are new to Fort Collins, trying to navigate through what you need and what you don't need can be daunting. But if you own a smartphone, these ten apps that are useful to Fort Collins residents can come in handy!
VIDEO: An Electrifying Storm Last Night in Northern Colorado
Last night around 9:30 - 10 there was quite a show! I believe this was the most lightning that I have ever seen at once in an hour's time.
As usual, we were outside hanging out and talking to our neighbors. That is when we noticed the storm appeared to be moving north and possibly a bit to the w…
How Can You Protect Your Home From a Colorado Wildfire?
Wildfires are spreading throughout the state of Colorado, with many people throughout the state losing their homes to the flames. However, there are ways for you to protect not only your home but also yourselves from the possibilities that may occur if a fire breaks out in your region. Here are six …
Pokemon Go – Millennials Rediscover Northern Colorado
Until this weekend, Northern Colorado millennials really hadn't stepped foot outside their own breakfast burrito-eating, Harry Potter-reading, video game-playing, Kardashian keeping-up-withing, antisocial lives. Then, Pokemon Go began blowing up their Facebook newsfeeds and changing their lives…
Larimer County Under Flash Flood Watch
This is the second flash flood watch for Larimer County in the past two days.
The National Weather Service has issued the watch around 10 a.m. for Larimer County and 19 other counties. The watch comes as forecast storms could develop Friday afternoon, heading east...
Tornado Watch in Effect of Northern Colorado
The weather has been a bit bipolar over the past few days! watch. Today is no different; we are currently in a tornado watch here in most of Northern Colorado.
According to a release from the National Weather Service many counties are under the tornado watch until 8 …
Lightning Causes Wildfire at Lory State Park
We have been getting reports of smoke and fire coming from Lory state Park after a lightning strike has caused a wildfire. A couple of our colleagues have sent in photos of the fire which can be seen here:
The Coloradoan is reporting that flames are visible from Fort Collins and fire crews are  curre…

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