20 Songs that Mention Colorado
I think I feel more energy from Colorado than most people, based on this list. Some good, some 'meh,' some classics, and some that might make you laugh.
Did You Miss the Amazing Sunset Last Night? We Recorded it for You
The sunset was stunning last night! There is something about a winter sunset that is so much better than the rest of the year. The cold seems to give the sky so much more color. If you happened to miss it yesterday, don't fear! I recorded a time lapse of the sun setting last night for your enjo…
New Items on the Fall Menu at Smokin Fins
I was lucky enough to step into Smokin Fins last week to check out some of the new fall items that are on the menu starting this week. Back in the kitchen I got to experience the new fall favorites first hand.
Now ask yourself.. Is there a better way to warm up during the fall than with an amazing cu…
I Survived the Northern Colorado Wind Storm of October 2016
What a windy day it has been today! One of the gusts nearly knocked me down this afternoon as I was walking in the parking lot. The intense winds have died down quite a bit for now. However watching the tree branches nearly snap as some of the gusts blew through was a bit stressful to say the least.…

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