Tim Tebow

Can Tim Tebow Handle the Pressure?
Tim Tebow is still in the embryonic stages of his career. He's started under 20 games, and if you look at the numbers of past quarterbacks at this stage of their career, it actually tells us very little. He's better than some of the greats. He's worse than some of the flops...
Best Tebow Song Mash Up [VIDEO]
Great mash up!!! As person who works extensively with audio and dabbles in video, I have to compliment the producer of this one, because it is tight!
It will, no doubt, excite many Bronco fans as they face their toughest challenge yet. Good luck...
Tebow’s Christian Testimony [VIDEO]
I was doing a search of the web to see what interesting things I could find on the man of the hour, Tim Tebow. There are plenty of songs and mash ups, and to tell the truth, that sort of mindless time waster is what I started off to find. When I found this video it seemed to me that they would be …
OK, I’m on the Tebow Bandwagon
Just what you need to see, another Tim Tebow post right ? Sunday, I was under the weather and so caught the game off and on between napping.
I've since been able to watch the highlights on line on NFL.com.
Steeler Loss Bittersweet for Pittsburgher in Colorado
At what point do I admit that I was once a Pennsylvanian, but am now and possibly forever a Coloradoan? Last night may have been that time. As I watched Tim Tebow complete a pass that turned out to be the last play of the Pittsburgh Steelers season and it didn't result in fits of anger, tantrums and…
Tebow on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]
Tim Tebow has officially arrived. It's one thing to win 6 games in a row, take your team to first place in the division and do all of that in the most dramatic, nail biting, absolutely-last-moment-possible fashion. It's another to be spoofed on Saturday Night Live...
Broncos’ Tim Tebow Scores A Best-Selling Book
As Tim Tebow enjoys the Bronco's current winning streak, and prepares to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots tomorrow at Mile High, he is relishing a different kind of victory. His memoir, Through My Eyes, written with Nathan Whitaker, is back in USA TODAY's Top 50, at No. 46.
In Case You Were Wondering, Lindsey Vonn is NOT Dating Tim Tebow
Colorado has garnered a lot of attention over the past couple months as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow, has taken not only the sports world, but the pop culture world by storm. But this week, people were not only talking about Tebow's life on the field but also his life off of it.…

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