12 Hilarious Breakup Texts
It doesn't matter which way we spin it; breaking up stinks. (Unless, of course, you're the breaker-upper, in which case it's like a cause for celebration.) Either way, cutting the relationship cord has gotten a bit easier ever since text messaging hit the scene. As it turns out, break…
Happy 20th Birthday, Text Messaging!
Although it became a widely used form of communication only recently, texting is actually a decades-old technology. In fact, it celebrated its 20th birthday on Monday, which makes it older than most of the kids who use it. OMG!
BTW, They’re Also Called Acronyms
My phone is not a member of Mensa, in fact it's only about as smart as I am, but I do get calls and texts on it from my savvy friends.  While I am delighted to be dragged into technology (kicking and screaming), 'Text Speak' is a whole new thing to me.