ted williams

Remember The Golden Voice Homeless Ted Williams?
Ted Williams was the homeless man discovered on the streets, panhandling, who had a golden voice. He became an overnight sensation, even Dr. Phil jumped in and got him into a rehab facility.
He had numerous radio and TV offers. (Read my original post on this here)
Now there's an update to the sto…
Two Men – Two Very Different Outcomes
There were two stories that came out yesterday that profoundly affected me and millions of others.
One was the passing of singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty. The other was the story of the homeless DJ,Ted Williams, and his overnight transformation.
A Voice From God-A MUST Watch
You see them everywhere, even here in Northern Colorado. The homeless at I-25 and Harmony and many other street corners, holding cardboard signs. But there one guy who's sign is a little different from all the rest.