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Win a Tattoo Removal in Our “Terrible Tattoo” Photo Contest
Everyone's heard the stories of people who have decided to tattoo their significant other's name on their body only to wind up divorced or who get a little crazy and end up with a tattoo they regret. One of the DJs in our office actually has a twinkie tattooed on his arm due to losing a be…
Terrible Tattoo Photo Contest Rules

The total value of the prize is $1,800.00 maximum
The maximum size of the tattoo to be removed is six square inches
Photos submitted of tattoos on or around "private parts" are not eligible
Additional sessions may be required to complete the removal due to the amount of ink at additional char…
Tattoo Removals by Tat2Undo
Take a look at some of the tattoos recently removed by Tat2Undo in the gallery above. Please note that certain restrictions do apply for this contest and the size of the tattoo that will be removed. Please see the official contest rules for additional information on the prize itself...