Where’d You Learn That Song?!
Sometimes I worry that my foul language, and possibly other bad examples, might bleed over onto my girls.  But it seems they realize I'm not necessarily proud of those "all too human" moments, and they do a pretty good job of recognizing those things that wouldn't be…
What Was Your Favorite Song of 2013?
Jason Mraz took us to a new level of deep love. We had a blast with Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles were there to encourage the heck out of us. Phillip Phillips probably earned the most royalties.
Trailer for New “Footloose” Movie [VIDEO]
One of my favorite songs to hear while I'm sitting here in the studio is Kenny Loggins' "Footloose."  So, needless to say, wen it started playing just now, I was grooving out hard in my swivel chair.  Right around the end of the song ("Everybody cut, ev…