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Enjoying Family & Friends This Holiday Season
In the movie Up In The Air, George Clooney’s character says, “Cameras are for people with bad memories.” I kind of agree. I don’t take a lot of pictures. For the most part I like to enjoy the event and move on. To be honest, I would probably take more pictures if I ever remem…
Last Minute Holiday Errands? Be Nice On The Safe Side
I saw a post on Twitter the other day that encouraged us to be nicer than we feel we need to be with people we come across, because they likely have more going on in their world than we are aware of. That’s not only a pleasant idea, it’s also probably very true.
Caution: Your Days Are Like Currency, Spend Wisely
Mark Cuban is the controversial owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team (along with a bunch of other stuff including a chain of movie theaters and cable TV networks). Some people love him. A lot of people don’t. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care one way or the other.
Crossing The Finish Line (It’s There For A Reason)
Just a quick question. Why would anyone spend the time going through the following process? Decide it’s important to recycle. Spend time and effort separating recyclables from non-recyclables during the week. Throw what’s been determined to be trash into the garbage. Save what’s been determined to b…
How Good Are You At Quitting?
Last weekend I read “The Dip” by Seth Godin. It’s a great little book about quitting. The general idea is that we probably don’t quit things often enough. (Or worse, quit the wrong things at just the wrong time.) Some things we hang on to too long, while we walk away from oth…
The Blame Game: How To Prevent Yourself From Becoming A Victim
I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan. They lose a lot of games. And it seems that a lot of those games come down to one close call (and often a bad call) by a referee at the end of the game that costs the purple people eaters the victory. This is not just a Vikings thing. Happens to all teams every now…
Why Avoiding Your Doctor Is A Bad Idea
Here’s one thing I know (and yes, it may be the only thing); nothing is ever gained by waiting to go to the doctor. Whether it’s a routine screening or you suspect there might be something wrong; nothing is ever gained by waiting. Do yourself a favor. Get in there.
Who Cares? (You Might Be Suprised)
I recently read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Good book. You may have seen him on Oprah. He is the professor diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that gives a “last lecture” on what he had learned in life, and what he thought was worth mentioning to pass along. Lots of meaningful ideas.
Hot Tip: Details Matter (Even In This Busy World)
We’re busy people, living in a busy world. Jobs, families, hobbies, clubs, civic organizations, second jobs, third jobs, kids’ activities, committees. It never seems to end. So much to do. So little time. Around my office, you could apply the same template to most people’s daily wo…
Simplifying Isn’t Always So Simple
There is a push in certain circles to SIMPLIFY. There are simplify t-shirts, simplify bumper stickers, and simplify billboards. For some reason simplifying doesn’t seem to be enough for those who seem to enjoy it. They need me to simplify too. I think they mean to encourage us to simplify our lives.…

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