Michael Stone

Win Before You Can Buy Josh Groban!! [DETAILS]
Josh Groban has the voice. When I say 'the voice', I mean 'THE Voice', so that 'the' sounds like 'he'. This amazing singer is coming to the Pepsi Center on August 12, 2011 and tickets go on sale on Saturday at www.tickethorse.com
But you can join us for the Imp…
Michael and Susan (Best Of) Yodeling
I've had my share of musical history. You may not know it but I can Yodel. I know there's not a lot of call for Yodeling anymore, but I'm willing to help out. You can hear more by clicking the play button at the end of this post.
"An Austrian court has recently fined a 63-year…
Unsafe Toys
OK, this time of year you always hear the warnings about different types of toys and the hazards they could pose to our kids. I decided I'd put together a list of toys that shouldn't be allowed.
7 – 11 Beer ? You Bet! Michael and Susan Discuss
Some times I am amazed at what companies will do to try to increase revenue and that includes .... 7-11 beer. Well I keep my weird news wires high in the air and report it all to you.
You may think I jest on this, but no, kind listener, this is a true new product at our friendly local convenience sto…
Happy Holiday Winner
Saturday November 27th Michael Stone broadcast live at Ultimate Electronics in Fort Collins. Listeners stopped by and registered for a Holiday Gift Pakage and Diane Sutton (pictured) was the lucky and stunned listener who took away a flat screen tv, blue ray player and TV/audio tower...