Michael Stone

Merry Christmas from Michael Stone
It is normal for all of us to reflect this time of year. It's the Christmas spirit, family, the end of another year and a time we look back on events that shaped our lives in 2011.
Michael Stone Gives Thanks
This is the time of year we all reflect and give thanks, so I thought I'd do the same.
As we get older it seems that we come to appreciate those things which before might have not seemed as important in the past.
Michael and Susan all Pinked Out!
A special thank you to Banner Health and North Colorado Medical Center for supporting our 'Pink Website' in honor of breast cancer awareness month. And thank you to all the medical professionals who dedicate themselves everyday to finding a cure.
9/11 A Broadcaster’s Memory
I've been seeing so much coverage of the 10th commemoration of 9/11. It all took me back to that horrible day.
Generally speaking we are an entertainment station, but there were listeners that stayed with us on that day for news and information. I have been in broadcasting for nearly 40 years. Nothi…
Michael and Susan in The Morning: New Page On Facebook
Hello all you LTL's (Long Time Listeners) and newcomers...
We just wanted to let you know that Michael And Susan have a new Facebook page. We'll keep you up to date with what's going on with the show each morning, including weather, traffic updates, breaking local news and of course o…
Is That Meat You’re Eating?
I love a good beef BBQ or some Talapia, or Chicken on the grill, but recently I decided to go vegetarian. That decision has been good for me from a health point of view; I’ve dropped 25 pounds and feel great.

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