Michael Stone

Michael Stone Bumps His Head – Concussion? Really?
You know I read about the concerns of coaches and parents and the increasing frequency of concussions suffered during sports, especially football games. Their concerns are understandable, who else is going to take care of our kids if it's not their adult mentors?
Pro football players go through …
“She’s a Hurricane.” It starts now!
Every time I begin to write a new song, it reminds me of all of those who've helped me bring my creations into reality. Not just the musicians, but all of my friends and company who encourage me.
While i tend to toil away quietly in my little home studio when writing and recording, I do on occas…
Michael Stone’s Resolutions
Yesterday, one of my co-workers Ashley caught me a little off guard saying "Michael Stone, what's your New Year's resolution"?
Normally, I've never been one to make resolutions. When you get up at 3am everyday a midnight celebration of the new year is something that j…
Today is National Trivia Day
No one has more useless information in their brain than me.
I've been doing the Impossible Question since 1980 and thought I would have run out of trivia in that time period.
Michael Stone Original Music Videos [VIDEOS]
I've been writing music ever since I can remember. Back in 2007 or 2008, the dates blur for me anymore, I released my first CD of original music.
It didn't exactly burn up the Billboard charts, but it was an accomplishment, I'd been hoping for throughout the years.

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