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Today is National Trivia Day
No one has more useless information in their brain than me.
I've been doing the Impossible Question since 1980 and thought I would have run out of trivia in that time period.
Michael and Susan in The Morning: New Page On Facebook
Hello all you LTL's (Long Time Listeners) and newcomers...
We just wanted to let you know that Michael And Susan have a new Facebook page. We'll keep you up to date with what's going on with the show each morning, including weather, traffic updates, breaking local news and of course o…
Michael and Susan (Best Of) Yodeling
I've had my share of musical history. You may not know it but I can Yodel. I know there's not a lot of call for Yodeling anymore, but I'm willing to help out. You can hear more by clicking the play button at the end of this post.
"An Austrian court has recently fined a 63-year…