Life Hacks

How to Reseal a Bag WITHOUT Pen Caps or Barrettes!
Since it's just good form to do things in threes, I thought it was only fitting that I give you a third way to reseal your favorite bag of chips. And this one won't make your spouse mad when they keep finding their pen caps and/or barrettes in the pantry!
How to Waterproof Your Shoes
Okay, so I just stumbled across this trick, and I can't wait to see if it actually works! I actually have a very personal interest in this one. Read on...
How to Pack Your Christmas Lights So They Won’t Get Tangled
Yes, I'll admit it: the Christmas tree is still up at our house. It's not because we're lazy; Robyn and I just like to hold onto the holiday spirit for a little longer, that's all! But when we do finally pack things up, we know a great way to make sure our lights aren't a …

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