Life Hacks

How to Keep Your Cookbook Open and Out of the Way While You Cook
Whenever I decide to venture into the unknown and attempt to cook something, the process immediately gets off on the wrong foot; and it's because I never have anywhere to put the cook book! I can never dedicate counter space to just the cookbook and nothing else; I'm too scatterbrained fo…
Take the Frustration Out of Reading a Paperback Book
Nearly every book I own is paperback. Sometimes, reading them is more trouble than they're worth, because I can't get them to stay open with one hand! I can't believe I didn't think of this myself, but I just found a solution that makes me want to pick up a book right now!
How Never to Lose Your Chapstick Again
So, my lips chap really easily. I try to carry chapstick around; but I always, ALWAYS, leave it somewhere, or just forget to bring it with me in the first place. If only I could make some simple contraption that would keep my chapstick tubes where I can find them at all times...
How to Free Up Space in Your Medicine Cabinet
I have a very special, very permanent relationship with clutter. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I can never seem to keep things organized. But here's a trick that might turn that around, at least in the bathroom.
How to Make Your Own Shirt-Folding Board [VIDEO]
Laundry and I have never gotten along. It occurred to me recently that I'm probably just really lazy, and maybe that's why my clean laundry sits in a pile until I wear it again. So I welcome any opportunity to make the laundry-doing experience easier.

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