Life Hacks

Take the Frustration Out of Reading a Paperback Book
Nearly every book I own is paperback. Sometimes, reading them is more trouble than they're worth, because I can't get them to stay open with one hand! I can't believe I didn't think of this myself, but I just found a solution that makes me want to pick up a book right now!
How to Remove Stickers and Leave No Sticky Residue
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with removing stickers without tearing them or leaving sticky stuff behind. Honestly, I still catch myself doing it sometimes; so this trick should still make life a little easier!
How Never to Lose Your Chapstick Again
So, my lips chap really easily. I try to carry chapstick around; but I always, ALWAYS, leave it somewhere, or just forget to bring it with me in the first place. If only I could make some simple contraption that would keep my chapstick tubes where I can find them at all times...
How to Free Up Space in Your Medicine Cabinet
I have a very special, very permanent relationship with clutter. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I can never seem to keep things organized. But here's a trick that might turn that around, at least in the bathroom.
How to Make Your Own Shirt-Folding Board [VIDEO]
Laundry and I have never gotten along. It occurred to me recently that I'm probably just really lazy, and maybe that's why my clean laundry sits in a pile until I wear it again. So I welcome any opportunity to make the laundry-doing experience easier.
How to Open a Jar with Duct Tape [VIDEO]
Duct tape is famous for it's ability to fix pretty much anything. Heck, I've even seen people make clothes out of the stuff! Personally, though, I've never thought to reach for the duct tape when I can't get a stubborn jar open. Then I found this video, and I was enlightened.

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